Black Lives Matter doesn’t care about reason or reasons. They admit they’re losing credibility with the mainstream, moderates and conservatives. In this blog I’ll address concerns by Michael Harriot in his excellent article EVERY ARGUMENT AGAINST “BLACK LIVES MATTER” BROKEN DOWN TO ITS MOLECULAR BULLSHIT

Reason is not found in chants, chasing pavements and crudely written on signs. Black Lives Matter are the kinds of people that storm into a Dartmouth College library and scream abuse at students trying to study. No matter how much you ponder their existence or how valid the proof, there is no persuasion.


Zimmerman’s Arrest & Wilson’s Trial

What is fascinating is the way Black Lives Matter interpret cases like George Zimmerman or Darren Wilson. They create holes in trials that have already had legal judgements. They tend to group these cases together, as my previous blog claims, the similarities of George Zimmerman and Darren Wilson as follows:

Both Brown and Trayvon were proven thieves, Zimmerman and Wilson were security for their community, Brown and Trayvon had physical advantages over their victims, the FBI found no evidence of racism, autopsies of Martin and Brown revealed high levels of THC, eye witnesses presented false accounts, both reached for a holstered weapon and both were put into a position of self-preservation.

Why is this important? The similarities in both cases are often superficially grouped together by Black Lives Matter


Black Lives Matter are Anti-Police

The reason the some people believe Black Lives Matter are “anti-cop” is the actions by protesters. We cannot paint all protesters with a broad brush, but rioters, arsonists and murderers are a subset of Black Lives Matter:

1.Micah Xavier Johnson. Five police officers murdered in downtown Dallas. A militant Black Lives Matter protester murdered and injured police during a protest. 

2.  Korryn Gaines. Black Lives Matter protester and Facebook vlogger. In a stand-off with police, she was being arrested for previous warrants, came to the door prepared with a shotgun, talking to her 5 year old child about police being the enemy and was killed trying to shoot police. 

3. Daytona Beach. Reacting to Alton Sterling being killed. A police car was torched and a handwritten note said “Black Lives Matter. Fuck the police.”

Black Lives Matter is a reaction to criminals being shot by police, but saying frustrated protestors are not anti-police is naive.


Black Lives Matter is Divisive

The mainstream believes Black Lives Matter has become divisive when protestors and rioters have attacked people, private property, police and police property. In late August, 2016 the Police in Akron, Ohio, charged a group of African Americans with beating several caucasians while chanting, “Black lives matter!” Although, my favourite Harriot reason for being divisive:

“There has never been a movement started by an underclass that has been accepted by the mainstream.”

The most divisive political Black Lives protest was during a vigil in Columbus, Missouri for victims of the terrorist attack in an Orlando gay nightclub. A woman got to the stage to announce ‘I thought I’d just take a moment to list out some facts that many of you don’t know because you’re white.’ Then soon after Toronto’s LGBTQ community uncovered a mural as police apologised for bathhouse raids in the 1980s.Black Lives protesters crashed the event chanting “No pride in police.” Black Lives Matter protesters “no platformed” the LGBTQ community in both cases. But good luck believing divisiveness is due to being “too grass roots.”


Black/White Lives Matter

 Anyone who says “White Lives Matter” really means “Fuck Black Lives.”

Black Lives Matter view All Lives Matter or White Lives Matter as pathetic and in a way I agree with them. It is not a movement. Simply as meme. Underneath the parody is the fact that more white people are shot by police, slightly more white people are killed by black people than vice versa and Africans are responsible for higher rates of murder. If it’s truely about police brutality then why don’t they protested everyone being shot by police, although only black people shot by police are protested, it presents a confusing message. Many police officers who are African American are forced to shoot black people when they are being attacked and forced to protect themselves, again it only matters when a police officer kills a perceived innocent black person.


Stop Resisting Police

The author’s claim about resisting police is correct. Those African Americans that die at the hands of police have attacked police with guns or have tried to go for either a holstered gun or a taser, refusing arrest and then running away from police. The claim that ‘officers are the judge and jury’ is part of their job. In every choice and scenario the police have to be the judge and jury of conflict in order to protect their community.

Walter Scott & Johnathan Ferrell

I agree with the tragedy of Walter Scott and charging officer Michael Slager for murder. Scott was high on cocaine, reported for violence, pulled over, taken the officer’s taser, ran from the officer and was shot in the back. Jonathan Ferrell, high on alcohol and nicotine, crashed his car, banged on the door of Bradfield Farms, Ferrell ran towards the police, one officer missed with his taser and officer Kerrick shot Ferrell. A second grand jury did indict Kerrick on voluntary manslaughter and he resigned from the police force.


All Cops Aren’t Bad

“The reason Black populations are so adamant about highlighting corruption in law enforcement and neighborhood policing is because they are the ones who depend on law enforcement and neighborhood policemen.”

The most logical thing said in this article, it’s a shame Harriot has to begs the question:

“Do you remember that time when good cops went out of their way to expose their fellow cops for corrupt and illegal practices?”

The hypocrisy of this statement is when we apply the same logic. Does Black Lives Matter have the same internal measures to protect itself from the public? 765,000 sworn personnel in the police force. Only a few thousand corruption charges. A fraction of a percent. Can we say the same thing for Black Lives Matter? For those that become murderers, looters, rioters and arsonists? Even though Black Lives Matter are free to address the corruption of police, they should not be free from criticism given the crimes that followed their protests.


Statistics About Black Teenagers

The report Harriot mentioned by Pro Publica that Black male teens are 21 times more likely to be killed by police officers is flawed: this article was used by independent academic organisation to dismiss the myth presented by the article:

Pro Publica acknowledges that police-involved death data is not complete. But there is a systematic bias in what data is missing Generally most of this data is collected from urban areas. Obviously most deaths occur there, but these areas also tend to be heavily black. The percent of the population that is black in areas reporting justifiable police homicides were 50.3 percent more black (17.8/11.8) than those jurisdictions that didn’t report these homicides.’

The claim by FiveThirtyEight that 41% of unarmed people shot by law enforcement were black is redundant. More African Americans commit murder and are arrested for murder at a higher rate. Juvenile Arrest Rates for Violent Crime Index offences by Race 1980-2014 show African American teenagers between 10-17 commit these crimes at a higher rate. This leads us to the fact that African American teenagers are more likely to attack police, as further proves:

‘If black murders are more likely to involve gangs and gangs are more likely to get into shootout with police, young black males would be more than 9 times more likely to commit murders than similarly aged relevant white males.’


Let’s Be Clear

My favourite claim is that there is no such thing as Black-On-Black Crime, although Harriot admits the general principle:

‘White people hurt White people and Black people commit crimes against Black people.’ 

What is interesting is the history of “Stop the violence.” A movement by Hip Hop artist KRS-One from 1989 and there is no evidence that this affected violence in the African American community. “Black Lives Matter” is simply the latest clarion call. What this means is that these movements have failed to work and will fail to work given any statistical analysis. No matter the objection or objective reality, it will not change the ideology of a movement that will never win or have the ability to govern itself. Then again, I am disconnected from the community:

“if you vehemently object to, or disagree with, the phrase “Black Lives Matter” – It doesn’t really matter.”

It’s true. No matter the logic, the statistics, the objectivity, will never change their minds. There is no self-awareness, they will be protected by the mob mentality that interprets lawful judgements, avoid responsibility, harbours criminals and defends criminals over the police. By the way, Harriot when you break down molecules energy is released, not bullshit. In the end, facts don’t really matter, do they?


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